We purchased 500 Analog to Digital Converters from a major electronics retailer who private labeled them from a manufacturer whose similar ADC's sell for over $75 elsewhere.  Our large purchase has reduced your cost to $29.99 but when they are gone there are no more.

Use this A/D Converter to transform analog audio from sources that don't have digital audio output so your DD740 can delay it.

It accepts right and left stereo on RCA connectors (normally red and white) and outputs s/pdif digital audio on both coax (RCA) and Toslink optical connections.

plus $8 shipping on the first and $2 for each additional ADC shipped in the continental US

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Usually we cannot ship this item oustide the US due to RoHS laws that were passed since these items were manufactured.  If you know that your country does not have such restrictions on imports email Nick@LipFix.com .