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Looking for an AV Receiver/Amplifier with lip-sync correction?(sometimes called AV Sync or "Time Alignment")

Stop looking! We have a better solution for lip-sync error correction than replacing your AV Receiver/Amplifier. (And it actually costs less even though it's far superior.)

Look carefully at how the new AV Receiver/Amplifiers have implemented their claimed lip-sync adjustment:

1. Most relegate lip-sync delay to a hard-to-get-to menu used at set-up. On some you can't even see the video and hear the audio while making the adjustment which makes it nearly impossible to ever achieve sync. In all cases the menu overlays and disrupts your viewing.  "On-the-fly" adjustment during a program is an essential feature if you are going to have perfect lip-sync and we have never seen an av receiver that offers it.

2. Most offer too little delay. Some offer as little as 80 ms which is rarely enough. Even those that offer 200 ms will drop to 100 ms for 96 KHz audio (DTS 96/24 for example) which can't correct for video delays above 100 ms which are very common.  Some will remember the last delay setting on each input but none that we have seen offer quickly accessible preset delays or delays that can be entered numerically to allow full control by programmable learning remotes.

The Felston DD740 overcomes all these deficiencies.  It gives you 36 presets for your most common delay settings in addition to remembering the last setting on each input.  It gives you dynamic adjustment while viewing at the touch of a button without disturbing your image and it offers 680 ms of delay which is still a generous 340 ms at 96 KHz. It will even adjust in 1/3 ms steps whereas some av receivers only offer 20 ms steps (far too coarse an adjustment for anyone even the least bit sensitive to lip-sync).

There is no comparison for lip-sync adjustment and the Felston DD740 costs less than replacing your receiver/amplifier too.

Check the other pages of this website for details on the Felston DD740 digital audio delay lip-sync corrector for $249.


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